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12 Gundam Inspired Things That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Monday, 16 May, 2011

Looking for something unique from gundam universe? Then, these 12 things can be your inspiration as gundam fans for hunting. Listed from something small like keychain to the big thing like Tennis Ball Shooter. I hope you like this post. Here they are :

1. Gundam Inspired Keychain

If you looking for unique and memorable keychain, then you must have this one, or buy this as a gift for your friend.

gundam inspired keychaingundam inspired keychaingundam inspired keychain

2. Gundam Inspired USB Flash Drive

Gundam-themed USB Flash Drive released by Buffalo, a Japanese technology manufacturer.

gundam inspired usb flash drivegundam inspired usb flash drive

A USB stick that is specially designed for GNO3 Gundam (Gundam Network Operation) fans. The flash drive provides up to 4GB of storage space and comes with the pre-installed GN03 Gundam game.

gundam inspired usb flash drive

3. Gundam Inspired Lighter

Another sci-fi inspired Zippo, this special edition of Zippo targets Gundam fans. Whether you support the Earth Federation or the Principality of Zeon, Zippo’s got you covered; they’re releasing two special edition lighters in celebration of Gundam’s 30th anniversary.

gundam inspired zippo lightergundam inspired zippo lighter

4. Gundam Inspired Mobile Phone

This phone is made by the Japanese electronics maker “Sharp” for the Japanese cellular phone company “Softbank“. The phone is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of 「ガンプラ」 (“Gunpla”), which stand for “Gundam plastic models“.

gundam inspired mobile phone

This newer Gundam cell-phone comes decorated with decals and parts similar to a Gundam robot, Gundam inspired applications, a unique charger and a plastic model of a Gundam robot.

gundam inspired mobile phone

5. Gundam Inspired Lego

This here is probably the most awesome LEGO mech ever, and it’s a Gundam! The attention to detail on this creation is just striking, with various double joints and a transformation sequence that rivals that of model kits WITHOUT removing any of the LEGO block parts. This just shows the amount of precision and passion involved with this work, not to mention that the creator also included the V2 Assault Buster Gundam parts as well.

For more info and instructions on how to build this Gundam, go to RAVEN REPUBLIC.

gundam inspired legogundam inspired legogundam inspired lego

6. Gundam Inspired Shoes

Buy this shoes to wears out to shows people how much you loves Gundam. If you know Japanese and really wanna buy one check here to buy at Rakuten.

gundam inspired shoes

7. Gundam Inspired Bags

Gundam shield bag from solgoo.

gundam inspired bagsgundam inspired bags

8. Gundam Inspired Speaker

Inspired by Japan’s popular Gundam Anime series, these decapitated mech heads sure to draw attention wherever you set them up. Just open up the flaps on the back of the head to reveal a pair of hidden stereo speakers.

These Gundam Head Speakers simply plug into any portable media player and run on batteries to give you robot-head sound on the go.

gundam inspired speakergundam inspired speaker

9. Gundam Inspired Ionizer

This USB-powered air ionizer comes in the shape from the Gundam universe, and it helps keep the air around you ionized as long as the computer or notebook is turned on.

gundam inspired ionizer

10. Gundam Inspired PC Case

Gundam PC case is made by a Hong Kong based company Metalware. According to Metalware, except for PC case, they also make Gundam-themed keyboard and headset.

gundam inspired pc case

11. Gundam Inspired Blocnote

Pomera is King Jim bestseller compact note taking device with a full size Keyboard introduced in Japan in 2008, and today the company released a Mobile Gundam Special edition of their DM10G, named the DM11G.

Available in three different “Mobile Gundam Suite” designs and with a dedicated welcome screen and shutdown screen, our DM11G comes with a 4” (640×480) Screen, 89MB of internal memory, a SDHC Slot and just needs two AAA batteries to run and just weight 340g.

gundam inspired blocnote

12. Gundam Inspired Tennis Ball Shooter

This is a Land Walker Homebrew Mecha which sold via Yahoo. According to Japan’s Yahoo Auctions, it’ll run ya 36,000,000 yen (approx. US$ 350,000). Are you interested?

gundam inspired tennis ball shooter