Gundam Papercraft

Papercraft or Paper Replica has been around a long, long time. There are many types of papercrafts, all of which are not only easy and fun but also rich with history and unique origins. In fact, papercrafting ideas were actually influenced by a variety of cultures. Most papercraft techniques came about simply as a creative means for decorating when luxury items were scarce. Other papercrafts began as a way to pass time. As time went on, more and more papercraft activities became popular hobbies, sparkling creativity in both young and old alike.

Papercraft is a form of crafting in which paper is used to create three dimensional objects such as models or sculptures. Some people refer to papercraft as pepakura, in an homage to the large Japanese papercrafting community. Papercraft can be large or small, humble or ambitious, and it is incredibly varied. It is also easy to learn, and the Internet has greatly facilitated the exchange of papercraft designs and patterns. In addition, many Internet forums provide useful tips for budding papercrafters who may be struggling with their work.

Unlike origami, papercraft involves cutting up paper or cardboard and gluing it back together, although some folding and bending may be involved. Very basic papercraft is often taught in schools, so that children can bring polygons to life in the form of polyhedra. Simple papercraft does not require extensive math skills, but it can be used to illustrate basic math, or to get people excited about mathematics. More advanced papercraft can call upon impressive math abilities, which is part of the fun for some crafters.

The tools for basic papercraft are very simple and affordable. It helps to use a razor or knife to cut, rather than scissors, since the blade can create precise, clean lines. In this case, a firm cutting surface is needed. Tape and glue are also useful, as is thick paper stock. You may also find dies and stamps useful, along with tweezers and other tools for manipulating very small pieces of paper while you work.

Gundam Model Kits also known as a good object for papercrafting. Many people around the world share their own pattern on the internet. We can see that many website built for this purpose, share knowledge and models of papercraft include Gundam Models.

Today, we can find a huge number of Gundam Papercraft like this :

Strike Freedom Gundam papercraft

Strike Freedom Gundam papercraft

gn-005 virtue gundam papercraft

GN-005 Virtue Gundam Papercraft

images from: papertang


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